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You love your first dog so should you add a second dog to your family? Well, the answer to that question can be yes, if you do some thinking in advance.

Why get a second dog?

Because our first dog is so wonderful that we want another dog. Okay, but the second dog will not be the same as the first. You'll have to raise the new puppy to be a good, well-behaved adult all over again. The first dog does not "raise" the puppy.

Because the time is right in your life. Great, you have all the time you need to teach the puppy the basics.

Because your first dog just loves to play with other dogs. Careful. Your first dog may indeed love to go to play group and to be around other dogs but he may not be ready to share his home, toys, food and family with another dog. Particularly a cute puppy. Suddenly the first dog is not the baby, not the "cute" one anymore. Feelings can be hurt. So how can you find out exactly how your dog feels about sharing their house? Invite a doggy friend for the weekend. (This will also give you some clues about how you will feel about having two dogs in the house instead of one).

Because your first dog is lonely and needs company. No! No! No! This is not a reason to get a second dog. If your dog is exhibiting some behavioral problems which lead you to believe he is lonely and needs attention, YOU DO NOT NEED A SECOND DOG. You need to spend time with your first dog and provide the needed attention. A second dog is twice the work and will have just as many behavior problems as the first. Two neglected dogs do not equal good behavior.

If you still want a second dog, the next decision is whether to get the same breed as the original. If you do want to stay with the same breed, then your search could be easy. If your first dog is a really stable dog with good temperament, then you simply get in touch with the breeder where you got your first dog.

However, if the source of your original dog is longer available you'll have to find a new breeder. Or, if you have decided to get another breed of dog for your second four footed friend, you'll have to discover which breed fits your family and lifestyle.

So, here's some practical advice on how to go about choosing the right breed for your second (or first) dog and how to find a good breeder.

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