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Natural Bug Control!

Bug season is approaching, so sharing my essential oils recipes: Remember that essential oils are very strong and should never be used full strength on the skin. In addition, use essential oils sparingly, on children, and understand that children skin is far more sensitive than adults. Not all essential oils an be applied to small children or pets. Ex… never use eucalyptus, rosemary, or clove oils on small childre

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Natural, Yard Pest Control

Tried and true pest control that really works! Treating your yard is not always an easy task, but well worth the time to enjoy a yard free of toxins. This pest control will not hurt, birds, canine, feline and is kid safe. Avoid sparying flowering bushes so that bee’s have someplace to pollinate. When treating your yard correctly, and if you don’t travel with your pets, you can keep the topical and systemic pest c

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